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Busted announced 20th anniversary tour and album of re-worked hits
Busted are marking their 20th year as a band with a nationwide tour and an album of re-workings of their hits featuring their pop punk peers.

Saliva guitarist Wayne Swinny dies aged 59 from brain haemorrhage
Wayne Swinny has tragically passed away after suffering a brain haemorrhage on the road.

'They can't pay rent': RAYE slams record labels for leaving top songwriters broke
RAYE says record labels are "evil" for taking most of the money from royalties and leaving the songwriters broke.

KISS biopic heading to Netflix in 2024
After first being reported two years ago, KISS' manager has confirmed a movie about the band's early years is heading to Netflix next year.

Meghan Trainor: 'I’m an open book'

James announce new album to celebrate 40th Anniversary
Today (23rd March) James announce details of a new album in celebration of their 40th Anniversary. Be Opened By The

Alice Cooper sings on touring guitarist Nita Strauss' new single
Nita Strauss has shared her latest single featuring her 'boss' Alice Coooper.

Bastille to play Bad Blood in full to mark 10th anniversary of debut album
Bastille will play a special concert on July 11 as part of Kew the Music to honor 10 years since the release of their chart-topping debut album.

Culture Club to fork out $1.75m to former bandmate Jon Moss
Culture Club have agreed to pay Jon Moss the substantial sum if he stops using their name.

The Weeknd crowned most popular artist on the planet
The Guinness World Records has declared The Weeknd the most popular artist in the world.


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